I’ve Got Jitters (I’m Starting T)

Guess what? I just picked up my blood work today and emailed them to my doctor, so once he's checked them out I should get my prescription for TestoGel! So what that essentially means is that I could potentially be starting testosterone by the end of the week, and most definitely by the end of … Continue reading I’ve Got Jitters (I’m Starting T)

RE: “All Cis People Are Transphobic”

Fuck off are they. Don't be silly now. This is going to be an absolute rant because nothing makes me angrier than cisphobia or heterophobia or white guilt and all of that. IT IS NOT THE MAJORITY'S FAULT THAT YOU'RE DIFFERENT. STFU you silly goose. As you all know, I am a transgender man, I … Continue reading RE: “All Cis People Are Transphobic”

Deciding to Start my (Medical) Transition Privately.

So... I honestly feel the best that I've probably felt in years. Making this decision has lifted a huge weight off of my shoulders and I really think I'm doing the right thing and it's going to be worth the money. Little bit of context - on Tuesday morning I woke up to a letter … Continue reading Deciding to Start my (Medical) Transition Privately.